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I have been scammed by this company of 1407.00 buyers beware of China gold member is my email

These are the CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!

They have scammed many people I turned over to ICS.GOV for internet crimes.

Sophie Ho name of one of the crooks.

Sinosurge Technology Sales Dept.

Website: (Alibaba Gold Supplier)



Trade Manager: cn209691955

Skype / Yahoo: sinosurge04

Tel: 86-755-61683051 86-755-61683061 Ext:804

Fax: 86-755-61683041

Add: B-10/F, GuoQi Building, Shangbu Road, Futian Distrct, Shenzhen China

Review about: Iphones.



This is Bob T,I have made big mistake,Sinosurge never scam me,

the company which scam me is not sinosurge,its Shenyang Across Business Consulting Co., Ltd,whcih has been deleted by Alibaba.

sinosurge has contact me many times after i post here,sorry for trouble,

Miss iris and sophie have give me call and send many email to explain,I'm sure sinosurge is a legit and responsible company,I do recommand

This time give me a lesson,dont plan to buy original prodcuts such as orignal iphone or other original products from china,99% company is scam if they sell original item at good price and dont pay by western union,No Paypal no deal!

all is come out,and I will make big apology to Sinosurge because of my mistake.

Deal administrator,please remove this topic,thanks!


we accept paypal and never sell original iphone,thanks!


I think scummer is smart and write here for his defence

but we can really easy check him (scummer)

so be careful, use Google to find out more infrmation about this scummer!

remember almoust 90-99% of original mobile phone - laptops seller are scummers!

Do not pay them Western Union or T/t

try to send any friend to them if you want to make business

they are very smart!

else after google, if you find out something bad - do not work with them

if NOTHING was found that is bad too!

people always ask for suppliers and we talk about them too!

be course risk is veeeeeeery high in this location


This is tony from sinosurge,many thanks to everybody which believe Sinosurge,we will impove our sevice,keep high quality and best price for our customers,When faced with the facts, a lie is always nothing but a lie,thanks!


This is Hector Sanz,I just post the track number of my order here,because in the past one year,sinosurge gave me much support and my business is getting beter,Purchases from 3000usd per mouth to 15000usd per month now,specially I lost one parcel EE242027659CN 2010-2-23,you can confirm it web,it not arrivel till now,sinosurge has resend the parcel,it cost 1300usd,this is why i come here to support sinosurge fight back Bob T's slander,thanks!


I havent bought from this company,after checked the track number of Hector's,all is the same post code,if sinosurge is scam,Hector cant provide so much number,there are two parcel are in the way particularly

,I think the adress is same as other when they arrived,In my opinion,Sinosurge is innocent,Administrator should remove Bob T's complain because his words is slander.


I have bought from sinosurge many time and have never had problem, best supplier of sell phones from china i have found so far thanks


you are a fool,1390usd buy 5pcs original iphone 3gs ?I have done business with sinosurge for one year,they are the good whoseler,your word is slander,police should Put yourslf into prison!

Bob T

This is Bob T and I turned both companies over to the local police because I learn a lesson china can't be trusted maybe you will be lucky and get scre-ed to so you have alot of nerve why don't you send me 3000. I will give you a number that I shipped but I buy from better USA source


Here is track number for the order from sinosurge as below: 

EE028004223CN 2009-10-24(beyond 6 month,record has been deleted)  

EE028004285CN 2009-11-5 (beyond 6 month,record has been deleted)  

EE028004271CN 2009-11-5 (beyond 6 month,record has been deleted)  

EE238104062CN 2009-11-17 (beyond 6 month,record has been deleted)  

EE238103654CN 2009-12-1 (can track on web

EE142429907CN 2009-12-10  

EE142429915CN 2009-12-10  

1807552095 2009-12-16  

EE037359508CN 2009-12-30  

EE037359281CN 2010-1-9  

EE037359295CN 2010-1-9  

EE037359159CN 2010-1-15  

EE242042639CN 2010-1-23  

EE242042642CN 2010-1-25  

EE242042262CN 2010-1-28  

EE242042276CN 2010-1-30  

EE242027659CN 2010-2-23

(this parcel cost USD1200 lost in shipping,sinousrge compensated me,I'm very happy)

EE242027574CN 2010-2-27  

EE242027605CN 2010-2-27  

EE242027645CN 2010-2-27  

EE242027818CN 2010-3-13  

EE242027852CN 2010-3-17  

EE339302274CN 2010-3-20  

EE247605504CN 2010-4-19  

EE247605495CN 2010-4-21  

H8296088441 2010-5-24 (by ups) 

H8296088450 2010-5-21  

H8296088432 2010-2-27  

H8296088405 2010-6-5  

H8296088414 2010-6-4  

H8304459694 2010-6-10 (on the way) 

H8304459701 2010-6-11 (on the way) 


Local de compra e valor


So pra auxiliar aqui e termos aonde comprar com preco bom e com seguranca...

Eu comprei o meu direto da China....pelo site:

A vendedora é muito joia e fez um preco legal. Acho q paguei em torno de 110 dólares mais frete.

Ja comprei com eles este celular, um MP5 e acessorios...

Agora comprei outro celular, mas ainda nao chegou (comprei esta semana).

O nome da vendedora é Maggie Li...

Se vcs tiverem comprado de loja daqui ou da China, ou de outros contatos postem aqui....


The trouth as below:

1,sinosurge havent scam bob t

2,bob t scam by another company,that company has been delete by alibaba,name Shenyang Across Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

3,and there is one sales name is Sophie Ho(,who scam Bob name is Sophia Zhou(,their nam is similar,so Bob ask sinosurge compensate his lose,but sinosurge dont answer,then BOB post these on many forum,after investigate,bob t's topic has been remove.

4,Bob T want use 1390usd buy 5pcs original iphone 3gs 16gb,so he cheat by Shenyang Across Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

5,at last,Bob aslo know that sinosurge hadnt scam him,but he found sinosurge is responsible company,he want to sinosurge compensate him,its so funny

Margaret Brown

I have brought cellphone from sinosurge,Nicely packaged. Pleasant experience. recommended,its my words for sinosurge.I have saw Bob T'topic on the and,but after Administrator's investigation,Bob's topic is removed.


rely for Marinfer7's comment

This is tony from sinosurge,i have check the record,about the items ka08tv which Martin Ferreira has purchased one at fist,we have sold this items to areas such as EU,North/south Amecian,there is not any problem about local network,we never had sold this item to south africa,so when we send ka08tv to Mr Martin in south africa,he feedback me that it can't join the internet,many supplier never take any responsibility about local network,then we desice to change another model N8,he send it back to me by post office,after we receive it,we send new item N8 to him by DHL,this time; he told me the java not work properly,but we have confirmed all is ok before we sending,then we asked he send it back,when we get it,there is no problem of the phone,so we told him,we can refund to him; we cant refund it on the paypal by myself because this is two month later after the deal,then we asked him to apply to paypal to refund,he failed,we reply him email in time and find how to solve the problem,at last we resend music player to replace the mobile to him,at this time,he post complaint here,so i need post what happend about it here,SINOSURGE is aways responsibility company


We NEVER has done business with Robert Therrien(poster of this topic),he has slander my company in alibaba and,after the forum administrators investigate,they had remove his slander on their forum,we are alibaba golden supplier,if we scam you,you can contact alibaba,then they will delete our site on libaba,but in fact,alibaba and reomve your post,please note that free speech dont mean slander,special in internet.


After I posted the message on this web site, I was contacted by Sinosurge (Iris) and was sent a mp4 player to replace the cell phone that did not work. Sinosurge need to understand that if a product works in China that it is not guaranteed to work elsewhere. Unless Sinosurge jack up their quality control and ensure that their products work properly, I will not be buying from them ever again.


Dear All,

Thank you for your attention!

One day(1st Dec,2009) I received an email from Robert/Bob Therrien (New Port Richey Florida USA), he asked me to send goods to him immediately, I am puzzeled, because I checked out our emails and documents and found that:

1, I haven't dealed with him before;

2, I haven't provided him any payment infomation

3, I haven't asked him transfer money to us.

So I sent email to him and ask him to forward our previous email to me for checking, while he refused and posted all my and our company info on many scam clubs/forums included

After that, I called him to ask for the reason. Finally, he forward me a previous email, he said it is from me, when I checked out, the sender’s name is Sophie, same to my First name, while her email address shows :, it is different from mine (sales04 What’s more, it is an inquiry from alibaba, so there is a link for that company. I told him the truth and ask him to find the real fraud. At the same time, I provided such information to alibaba, after auditing, alibaba delated his hits, because we are innocent. Even so, he still think we are the fraud who cheated him, and continue to post our info on the other forums. We cannot know where and how many hits he posted, it makes us angry. Because this slander is really break a responsible, reliable and professional company's heart. We can't image that such a businessman, who can't distinguish such a simple fact! Anyway, I hope the real thief will be putted in jail and compensate Robert/Bob Therrien, because he is a victims.

Finally, we believe that most of people are sensible, and we will continuously improve our service and build up our capabilities, make more and more customers shop safety and conveniently.


I bought items that did not work properly: a cell phone abd an MP4 player.Told them the phone must have Java - first unit sent did not have it and I had to pay for the postage costs.

The MP4 player does not charge from the supplied charger.This saga has now been going on over 6 months!

Do not deal with them at all.


And just how exactly were you scammed. Without detail this just could have been a deal gone wrong at your side.

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